Funding Options

Note: The following is not applicable to International Students.

Canadian students using Student Accessibility Services-approved, fundable services must apply for provincial and federal grants to defray costs of services. Funded services include, but are not limited to note taking, alternate format, adaptive technology, academic strategies (PSLD), tutoring, interpreting/CART, and educational attendants. Students must adhere to strict Provincial Student Aid deadlines.

You do not need to take out a loan to receive a grant; however, you need to be eligible to receive a loan to receive a grant. If are approved for a loan, you do not have to use the loan monies - you can return the loan to the appropriate provincial student financial aid office and still use the grant monies.

Refer to the Canada Student Loans Program website for more information about Student Aid. If you do not qualify for federal/provincial funding you may be funded through an alternate source, upon proof of application and ineligibility for student aid.

** If you are using only exam accommodations you do not need to apply for a student loan to determine grant eligibility. Student Connect and/or Student Financial Services can assist you with questions regarding student aid applications. Contact

When you apply for student aid, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received. The confirmation method varies amongst provinces. Provision of proof of application for student aid is required for SAS Accessibility Advisors to renew accommodations.

Please contact SAS at or 780-492-3381 about questions related to grant applications for accommodations.

Download the Funding Confirmation form (PDF)

Provincial and Federal Grants

Students using any services in addition to exam supports with Student Accessibility Services are expected to apply for both provincial and federal student grants.

Awards and Bursaries

In collaboration with the Office of the Registrar, we offer a number of awards and scholarships to students with various disabilities.